Simple 'replace' image in RW page

Hi. I Haven’t used Rapidweaver in years (having switched to WordPress) but need to do a simple ‘replace’ of an image in a Stacks panel on a page of an old RW site and can’t for the life of me figure it out.

It’s not a photo gallery, just a single image on a page of text.

I’ve uploaded the replacement image to Resources but can’t see how to replace the old one. Scratching my head! Any help GREATLY appreciated!!!

If you no longer have the RW project, then the easiest way to replace the image is via an FTP app.
Open up the ‘Files’ directory of the page in question and preview all images until you find the image you want.
Download the image and create a new image with the same size and exact same name.
Upload the new image and overwrite the old one…

Thanks so much for your advice. But my problem is really much simpler as I still have the RW site file and access to the site.

I have a simple page with a two-panel Stack, the right-hand one is text, and easily editable; the left-hand one of which is an image which I can’t remember how to edit or replace. And to my surprise the RW manual address only image galleries; I can’t find simple instruction to replace an image.

Sorry if I was unclear earlier, or long-winded!

You didn’t say what version of RW or stacks your running, but said old. Was the old image in resources? You’ve mentioned two panels in stacks, could you mean columns?
Have you tried selecting the old image and dragging the new image(not from resources, but directly from where you have it on your Mac) on top of the old?
When you select the old image, could you give us a screenshot of what you see in your inspectors?

Hi Pat,

I don’t know how old the project is, if it’s a standard RW page, or a stacks page.
Just try dragging the new image over the old one and see if that works.


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Thanks so much, Rob (and Doug) for your time. It’s funny how easy it is to forget how things work when you don’t use them for some time. I was trying to drag the images from the Resources rather than direct from my desktop. Did what you said, Rob, and it works (of course) perfectly! Doh! Thanks again, guys