Finding Original Site files

I havent updated my site in some time. Decided to work on it today. Rapidweaver gone, as are the original site files. Of course, the website is still there. Sigh…build a new site from scratch seems the only option, but if there’s a way to retrieve the the RW files so at least I’d have a starting point…are they available anywhere? This is a new computer that I restored from a full backup, so I’m not sure where the bloody things went…everything else seems to be here…

Any insight would be helpful. Thanks.


You should be able to search for the project file.

The file extension for Rapidweaver 8 is RW8, (if I remember correctly, on my iPadj.

You will need to install Rapidweaver if you didn’t get it from the backup. You’ll also need to restore the addons folder if you had used any 3rd party addons, plugins, stacks and themes).

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