Image not publishing in Foxfire or Chrome, only with Safari

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My main image on my home page only publishes in Safari, but only shows the jpg number in both Foxfire and Chrome. It happened when I changed the location of the image from my desktop to a folder in Documents. But I reinserted the image again from this location and it did not help. Then I moved it back to my desktop and dragged it back onto my homepage in RW and that did not help either. I think it may be a problem in the code for my page now, but I am not tech savvy enough to read code to know if there is a problem. Can someone please help me?

My site is, and it is my main pic on the home page.
Thank you!

Republish all files and see if that fixes it.

I did that several times already. Any other suggestions? Im worried that my only option may be to start another project in RW and fully redoing the home page and copying other pages to it if that is possible.

I had this problem once too. Turns out the image was a .psd not a .jpg. Oddly Safari handled it fine but not Firefox or Chrome. Double check that graphic file.

I checked and the image is a jpg ;-(
I’m hoping someone else has a fix for me.

I’d rename it, then redrag it in. Better yet, warehouse your images on your server and link that way.

Hi there,
I did try renaming it and then experimented with loading other pictures in other parts of my site and it seems to be a site-wide problem with publishing in general primarily with images. I am hoping someone with code experience can take a look at it to see what is wrong.

Try opening the image in Preview, exporting it as a jpg and then adding it back to your project and republishing all.

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Yeah, do as Brian says. Came across this old thread: Images not Displaying in Firefox or Chrome. Fine in Safari

When downloading and opening your image in Preview (and clicking Show Inspector), it shows it as a photoshop document. Export as jpeg and try again.

Very odd @Shane. I downloaded 2 of your images and the strange thing about your homepage one is that it appears to have 2 layers even though it’s a .jpg (according to the info panel) I hope the screenshot of the 2 info panels explains what I mean.

I took a screenshopt of your image and the info panel is of course totally different. Maybe worth trying something different to change the profile of that pic:

There is definitely something wrong with that file. I cannot open it in Affinity Photo.

Just remove the .psd from the end of file name

The file I downloaded didn’t have a .psd extension but it still wouldn’t open in Affinity Photo, although it did open in Pixelmator.

File is layered, base layer is a red background. Open in Photoshop, Flatten, Save as .jpg.

@peterdanckwerts - don’t know why it doesn’t open in Affinity for you - I visited page in Safari, dragged photo to Desktop, opened in Affinity.

You are right @DaveFox. I clicked and downloaded rather than dragging and it only showed as a jpg. As you say, if one drags to the desktop, it shows the psd extension and does open. If I rename the original downloaded file as psd it opens in Affinity. Clearly it is a layered psd file masquerading as a jpg, which is why it doesn’t display in Firefox. It presumably wouldn’t open in Firefox even without the second layer.

I am happy to report that the problem is fixed!!! Thank you all for your comments and support, especially Brian from RealMac Support and Jason. The image I was having trouble with had a label of jpg, but in Preview it did show up as a PhotoShop image, so I opened it in Preview, exported it as a jpg just like they said to do, and it worked perfectly. My entire site is up and running now.
In a direct email to me, Brian said this is a rare bug that can happen with Photoshopped images.
I can finally sleep well tonight.
Thanks again,