First FREE Template Repo "webinar": What do you want?

Further to my recent posts about life in the Template Repo household, I’m pleased to say things are finally starting to return to some sort of normality. As such, I’m keen to now get going on what I hope to be the first of many “webinars”.

I don’t want to focus solely on using Rapidweaver and stacks etc. I will cover this, but there are loads of these out there already, so I’m not sure there is any point in replicating what others do.

Instead, I’d rather use the Template Repo webinars to cover those things that are highly important to anyone building a website or even running a website agency that may relate to Rapidweaver sites but also cover a broader spectrum of subjects.

With that in mind, I’m looking for requests for topics.

Is there something to do with web design and/or running a web business or agency that you need help with? If it relates to RW, great. If not, I would still love to hear about it.

Even better: Is there an aspect of RW, or web design or running a small business that you are “expert” in and willing to share your knowledge with others in the RW community? If so, drop me a message or comment below.

In terms of ideas for the first webinar, I will throw Google My Business into the hat.

For local businesses, GMB is massively important, as it can get any business onto the first page of results almost overnight. But far too few people utilities it. Partly I think, because, in true Google style, it can be confusing and complex to do right.

I’m not an expert in this area, but I know enough to help those who don’t. And perhaps we have some other “experts” here who would be willing to join a Google My Business webinar and share their ideas?

And finally, on the GMB front: Is this something people are interested in?

As I say, though, this is just my first idea for the first webinar. I’m happy to run with another idea if it’s preferred by those interested in attending.

Comment below or message me.



SEO in general, like structure / naming of ´folders and pages. And having a look at the SEO stack from Joe perhaps (I think this is the only stack with these features in RW).

Next, setting up a project (what to do in advance, whom to ask, where to look for pictures, image rights basics) and where to store project files, documents.

Then: Best use of Ressources in RW and using ressources on an ftp server.

Hi Jan, two great suggestions there.

A session on on-site SEO would be really valuable I think. This would lead well into an off-site SEO session, a la Google My Business etc. The basics for setting up a project is a good one too, but I really like the SEO idea more. Although I will say now, I don’t really think these sessions should cover individual stacks, as really, that’s the job of the dev. And Joe has his own platform to cover his stacks. Although if there are other devs who need a platform for this sort of thing, I don’t see why it can’t be used.

In the post above I called these sessions webinars, but I don’t really think this is is how I see them working. I think calling them “sessions” is far better going forward.

I say that, because I don’t see much value in one or two people just sitting there talking to a camera, with others watching. Youtube exists for that. What I have in mind is having everyone in the same meeting room, with some “experts” bought in to talk and answer questions about the subject matter.

We’d most likely need someone to moderate, to stop everyone talking at once etc. But I think a more “free-for-all” approach will be more fun and more interactive.

For instance, with an SEO session, I could be one of the “speakers”, as I know a reasonable amount about it, but I’d also hope to have a couple of other “experts” who are in the room, giving a bit of a talk, and answering questions etc.

I see this way of doing things much more valuable than just someone talking to the camera for an hour.

What do people think?

Oh, and another subject worth thinking about is email campaigns. This is an area of expertise for me as I’ve been doing it for 20 years, and it’s an area that a lot of people get very wrong.