Fit Text Type Stack

I have Joe Workman’s Fit Text stack. I can’t seem to make it do exactly what I need. I want the size of my single line of text to shrink as the window gets narrower and never break into 2 or more lines. Are there other stacks that might do what I need, or am I just not using the Fit Text stack correctly?

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Maybe Billboard by Big White Duck?

Just saying it does not work the way you want it to does not help us diagnose your issue, a link or a support ticket with project file does though :wink:

I’ll work with it again tomorrow and let you know exactly what difficulties I’m having. Maybe you can help me to get it working for me.

DeFliGra’s TextFit stack does exactly what you are looking for. BTW, he’s got a multitude of very useful stacks, very reasonably priced – and on top of that, he’s got bundle sale going on right now.

I cannot make all the text stay on one line for all the different screen sizes. If I find a setting that works for the iPhone, then the text is too small for the other screen sizes. I’ve played with the settings, and honestly I cannot figure out what they do. I attached a screen shot. Can you make a suggestion of the correct setting?

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Talked to Joe about this and he said you have just too much text and FitText is not meant for that. Will need to try another solution. Sorry about that.

I located Will Woodgate’s Viewport Text stack in my myriad of stacks. I have that working. Please let me know if you see any issues with text sizing of the “Cabinets and Furniture for You • Plans for Woodworkers” on my page. The other elements on my site are still in the works. Thanks