Responsive text that is a fixed width

I realize this sounds contradictory, but please look at my page. I want the text to be the same width as my photos, and the text to be responsive so it justifies itself as the screen width is made narrower than the photo widths. Try shrinking the page width and look at what happens. I have some different text stacks with different settings trying to find a solution, and I’m continuing to work on finding a solution, so you may see different results for a while.

You could try using my FitText stack. That could work…

I did try FitText. I use it for other layouts, but it does not do what I need in this case. I found a stack called UsefulStack from Will Woodgate and that seems to be doing what I need. A simple solution, and I hope it is implemented in the future, would be to add a maximum width setting to a text stack. That way it can be say 840 px wide max, and any size below that is responsive.

Look at my page now. It appears the Useful Stack does the trick! Thanks Will.

Bruce–if you don’t mind my asking, what is your shopping cart/check-out/store plug-in?


@davidfreels, It’s just a PayPal button that links to my account on the PayPal site. Something I set up using the PayPal tools in my PayPal account. I have only one item I sell, and I think that is why it works, but I can’t say for sure. Also, I changed the button link so it displays a different button than the one the PayPal code generated. I pasted the code into an HTML stack on my RW page. I recall calling PayPal to get assistance when I set it up initially, and they were accommodating.

For future reference, Doobox has a Max Width stack that does exactly that - and you can specify maximum widths on desktop, tablet and mobile.

I’m not 100% sure Max from Doobox will do the same as Useful Stack. I will give it a try the next time there’s a Doobox sale like this last Black Friday.