Standard text stack adjust font sizes?

Hi group, I did a search but did not see any results… In RW 7 in the stacks options there is a basic stack to add text. I want to use a quote from the internet and when I dropped it in, it looks very small I believe times is the font. I wanted to change it to one of the stock RW7 fonts and then adjust size, but I’ve tried looking in the inspector and the theme settings but nothing seems to change the font size. I see where I can change the color and the fonts but not the size. I read about adding a custom css but that doesn’t seem normal for something as basic as this.

If you can assist, I’d be thrilled and thankful… Best Dave

BTW the stylized text dialog box is not adjusting the font size but on another page it does… it must be this but why is not doing it… I even changed the font, this app and the stacks is so frustrating…

Sounds like the text is already formatted…select it all and clear all formatting…then give it a try.

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Why don’t you have a look at Scribe from BWD…?

Joe is correct,
You need to clear formatting, or better yet, always past content into RW as plain text.

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Hi Joe,

Thanks for the reply, I will take a look at the format you mentioned but I have never noticed this option, in my issue, I ended up throwing the stack out and putting a new one in.

Thanks, DF

Thank you, I found that format pull down, I didn’t think to look up at the top of the app… I hate being a beginner…

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