My stacks page isn't showing up..HEEELPPP

So I’ve been hours working on this page, and the only thing that shows up is the template page…and yes, I new to RW. I come from HTML and Dreamweaver background, and a graphic designer background with a love for learning new things, but this RW really is challenging, and easier said than done.
My Stacks page is a Board of Directors page, with tiles, and images of each board member, which is NOT SHOWING UP ON Preview, only in EDIT???

Not sure what you mean by “template page”? That might be a terminology thing.
You said your stacks page is a board of directory page with titles, etc. They show up in edit but not preview. How did you build the page? Did you type the text in? Did you drag and drop the images? What theme are you using? What stacks are on the page?

Hello Doug,
I built it from scratch.
Yes, they show up in Edit, NOT Preview.
Yes I did my drag and drop the images from my desktop.
I placed the names below each image.
I’m using the ARTFUL theme page.
The stacks are Column, Partial 70 (which I have no idea what that means), Text…I’m not really clear on this question?

And it does show up under Simulate, but NOT the website.
And can I REMOVE the theme from this page…it shows up at the tope of my BOD page in Simulate?

If it shows up in the simulator and not the website, you do need to publish the page to the website.
As for partial 70, you have (probably by accident) created a partial. This is a great feature that allows you to use the same content (multiple stacks) on different pages.

No, not really, RapidWeaver is a theme based product. There are “blank” themes available.

Sounds like you need to maybe go through some of the intro videos, even though you may have experience in web building, you kinda need to get some basics of RapidWeaver down.

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Hi Doug,
Well, I had this long message to send to you, and said that I may soon find the problem, and that I’m sure that it’s just a click away, and guess what…it is.
I had the “Credit RapidWeaver” box unchecked, and noticed it when I scrolled all the way down, and than clicked it, and voila, my back came up…so now we know.
Now on to building the donor page.

Well, I was wrong.
It did show up, and I published, and nothing.
I went back to Edit and Preview, and back to the same situation…ugh

Sounds like you did not select the right path or folder in the publishing’s settings. So the files are uploaded, but into the wrong directory on your server. Can you double check these settings?

Hello Jan,
My website is uploading.
The problem is with my Board of Directors page, which shows up in EDIT, but Not in PREVIEW mode.
And it shows up in the SIMULATE mode, but the page once uploaded does not show the stacks page, it show the Main template page only.

What is on the page? Did you add any scripts or html?

Very simple STACKING only.
Images, and text (name of board of directors and officers).

A link to the problem page will help us help you.

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