Fixed | Problem jquery ( RWSkinz + Megamenu + Pluskit )

Hi All,
I’m having a problem and I can’t fix…looking for help.
theme RWSkinz @willwood
megamenu @1LittleDesigner
pluskit @Isaiah

I already contact privately: 1LittleDesigner and they wrote:
“I think you have some jQuery issue that causes unexpected issue of the stack.”

how to fix jQuery??

The problem is when the megamenu is on “mobile size”

please check these pages:

this page everything works and not errors (just an error with font-awesome that will pretty sure will help to fix)

THIS PAGE is the megamenu imported with PlusKit and in mobile version megamenu doesn’t work.

Any Idea how to fix?

While I was digging the problem, I noticed tha “call” for jQuery to folder “index_files” and instead jQuery 2.2.4 file is under stacks for folder. I can manually copy a jQuery file to the correct folder but I don’t think is the way to fix. :smile:.

Hi @giacomo

I have looked at your webpage in Firefox 64 and there were no jQuery errors showing in the console, at any screen size.

You say “I’m having a problem” but you fail to specifically say what is not working for you - versus what you were expecting to see instead. Therefore there is precious little information for us to act upon.

RWSkinz is using jQuery 3.3.1. There is no reason to edit or change this. Our jQuery code is also scoped and namespaced ‘themeflood’ so it should not interfere with anything else on the page.

You should toggle consolidation + compression back on again, so your icons are correctly pathed and the page will be making less http calls (it will be faster). All newer RW addons support CSS / JS consolidation and compression, so there is no need to ever turn this off.

The only obvious problem I am seeing is when the mobile menu opens, you have double vertical scrollbars showing - as if something in the menu has its CSS overflow set to ‘auto’.

Have you tried any basic troubleshooting yourself, like clearing your browser cache or trying another web browser?

I would also say that @importing a stack from one Stacks page to another Stacks page with PlusKit is not the most efficient method. You would be better to research and use a clever technique called Partials in the Stacks plugin.


Again, per some of my suggestions in the first reply. The CSS / JS consolidation is your reason for icons not showing and possibly other breakages. Carefully review your settings.

Hi Will,
Sorry I probably didn’t explain correct. This page works great!! and again I did this test very fast and probably I didn’t turn off some setting on your Theme that I still need to learn a lot!! but so far I’m soo happy. :slight_smile: This is the trouble maker.

I try to bring the megamenu with plus kit because I will have maybe 100 pages so it’s easy to use plus kit correct?

On that specific page the on mobile version only doesn’t expand the menu.
For suggestion of Ben from 1LD I turn off the CSS / JS consolidation maybe he want off to see the problem… but if I turn on the problem still the same.

I can try to change the theme with a black theme and see if the problem is related to plus kit + megamenu.

here is where I found the first error and I did a test with less pages (above)

Thanks all for your help.

PlusKit was very handy prior to Stacks v3, which introduced Partials (as mentioned by Will). Partials are very powerful and will allow you to place a partial on all 100 pages and be able to edit a single instance of that partial and have all pages show the change. Read about partials and switch to using them instead of PlusKit for this.

Read about Partials here:

Video on using Partials from the developer: Partials in Stacks 3 on Vimeo

Testimonial from Joe Workman:

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Thanks DLH
see I knew it!! …that I was doing something wrong.
I will look into that.

Thanks to all.
I knew it, that we the help of all of you was an easy fix.
And I discover Partials!!! … thanks again.


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