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Hi all,

I just wanted to inform you that we have posted a couple of brand new Tutorials on our YouTube channel teaching how to make some specific layouts using our new Fluid stack. The videos also go into detail talking about the concepts behind Fluid states, transforms, and triggers. Watching these examples is a great way to learn and get started : )

You can check out the videos here:

Fluid Dark Mode Tutorial

Fluid Modal Tutorial

Youtube Channel

If you are interesting in purchasing or learning more about the Fluid stack, you can find out more info here:



Good to see such a quick response to user requests and a very nice video - thank you.

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I am also glad to see the videos. However… does it really take 40+ minutes of video to make a modal? Short, sweet and specific is my motto. I simply don’t have time to watch a video that long. 5 minutes max!

Just my 2¢


Thank you for the In Depth tutorials! Length of video not an issue, keep em coming.


Skyler-Great work. I would have bought Fluid during the introductory release if these tutorials had been in place to begin with.

A couple of thoughts. I’m not sure which video you made first, but the sound quality in Modal Popup is rough. Also, the container you built is such a light gray that it’s difficult to see. You’ve got a great sense of art direction and color throughout all your work, and this very light gray seems out of character for you and interfered with the teaching.

That’s okay though. You’re new at this Tutorial thing. There’s always a learning curve. I forgive you.

You could rename Dark Mode Tutorial to something like Triggers and Transforms and States Are Far Easier Than you Think. While it is a tutorial on how to toggle a light/dark mode with the Fluid stack, what you’re ultimately teaching are the concepts of States, Transformations, and how those Transformations are Triggered–which is what I couldn’t wrap my head around when Fluid was first introduced.

Again, I would have bought Fluid if these tutorials had been in place during the initial roll-out.


Do you have a comprehensive list of States?

Are more and more States in development?

Could end users develop their own States?

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Hi there David,

Thanks for the input. I will try to answer your questions below.

Questions 1. & 2. States

When it comes to states, there are no limitations to the type of states that you can create. A state can be named anything you want it to be. You create it yourself : )

  1. Yes users can create their own states. States are simply “switches” that can be turned on or off. You can add as many as you would like at one time, and name them whatever you want. I will be making an in-depth tutorial on States, Triggers, and Transforms later on, that show exactly what they are and what can be done with them.

I hope this helps. Thanks

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