Folder Organization Structure

Is there a way to place all of a site’s files and folders inside of one folder? I’m trying to get more order in my root FTP directory of my hosting account. I have sub domains for all of my addon domains, but the main domain’s web page files scatter all through the root directory of the FTP public_html when the site is published from RW.

If you’re wanting the root of your site to be a separate folder from your subdomains, it might be worth contacting your host about this. In order to generate the pages at the addresses you’ve specified in RapidWeaver, we have to create the folders for the pages (along with the folders for any resources, or theme assets).


I did contact my host, and they weren’t helpful. I think I’m going to just live with it. My main site is fairly simple, so there aren’t a ton of files created by RW.