Folder structure within RW8

I have searched the forums but my search terms might be a bit overloaded so I get no relevant results, as far as I have found.
Is it possible to create folders in the left hand column, where the Pages and Settings part are, so i can create folders similar to the structure of my web site.
I have many files on my site and the list will just get longer.

Of course I may be missing something obvious.

Not sure what you are asking…url, screenshots, etc.

If I understand you correctly (and I’m not sure I do), you can achieve a similar structure by creating a parent page (equivalent to a folder) and subpages (equivalent to files residing inside that folder).

Is this what you’ve had in mind?

You do this by dragging pages on top of each other:

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Thats it. Many thanks. Now why didn’t I try that :frowning:

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