Creating sub-directories

We are in the process of adding several scores of new pages to an exiting RW site that will be ‘nested’ according to their UK region. So for example:

I have created some of the regions as per the attached screenshot - but before continuing it occurred to me that there will never be any content in the ‘regions’, so do they need an ‘index.html’ file or can they just contain the next level down folders?


I don’t think there is a way to just add the folder part. Try removing the filename… RW just adds it straight back in.

Consider making the level elements offsite pages with the URL target set to #. That way you get the benefit of the navigation level into which you can add further pages but without the material overhead of a page as such. Just one way.

I was going ask whether there is better way. I don’t fully understand your second paragraph (not very tech).

We want the url to have this structure for seo purposes:

Take a look at this sample…you can watch the folder structure on the url line.
All pages are index.html

Thanks Joe but not sure I get it.

Watched a RW video tutorial last late that reminded me it’s much simpler to achieve. Eg. simply enter ‘/uk/wales/west-wales/pembrokeshire/st-davids’ in the Folder field.

Does adding the extra folder segments in the folder field result in the page layout in RW looking like your original screenshot?

This really depends on how you are doing your navigation. If you are using either the built-in navigation of a theme or a navigation stack that generates your menus automatically, the only way to get the nav items nested is to organize your pages into a hierarchy in the pages’ inspector area.

If you are handling the navigation manually, either with a manually curated navigation stack (where you add each item to it) or just through links on a page, then just entering the full path in the folder field would work fine. By entering the full path (folder/subfolder/subfolder/page-folder), RW will generate that folder hierarchy when you export/publish. What it won’t do is generate a hierarchal menu based on that path. In other words, you would not get the menu that Joe created and posted in his link. You would just have a completely flat nav system.

Thanks Don

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