Font Awesome icons not appearing in navigation field / RW8 (8.0.3)

Running into an issue with RW 8.0.3 not loading FontAwesome icons in the navigation fields. They preview fine / show fine on live site, but I cannot see them while editing nor make edits to the code. All that shows is a question mark icon. See photo below.

Thanks for any help.


It’s a fun easter egg in 8.03 just for you Rob. It’s a scavenger hunt for your icons. Can you find them?


(it’s fixed in 8.1)


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Thanks @joeworkman. I love scavenger hunts! Issue resolved. :wink:

Have to open this back up.

Though I can see the icons in 8.1 (still in beta as of this writing), I cannot see the CODE when selecting the text any longer. It’s almost as if once you post the code, you can’t edit it anymore without completely replacing it. The icon should render when not selected, but reveal the code when selected. That has been normal behavior in previous versions of RW.

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What happens if you delete the icon, but not the text??

The icon simply goes away. Reposting the icon code simply replaces the icon. But once you leave the edit function, the code is no longer editable.

I filed this as a request to @dan last week.


Thanks guys, looking into this issue now.

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