RW8 not showing Font Awesome TopBar menu icons

Upgraded to RW8. On one of my sites I use Font Awesome icons for the menu items. In RW7 these showed up on the page menu and were editable. In RW8 they just show up as question marks.

Below is what I am seeing in RW8 and RW7 respectively.



Same thing happens to me (RW 8.0.3). I am guessing this is a bug that will be squashed in the next update?..

As info… I get the same result in RW8. The published menu looks normal. (contains the icon)

Do you have 8.0.3? I see the same on some icons.

In my case… I saw/see the same Question Mark box on all released versions - 0.1, 0.2, and 0.3.

Update: Even if I re-enter the page name with FontAwesome code I get the QuestionMark/Box.

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Yes, running 8.0.3. I just want to make sure that RealMac is aware so they can fix the issue.

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@1611mac @keithnteri

Maybe best to provide these RW projects to @dan for checking?

exact same thing on my side (using 8.0.3). I have the question marks in the name of the page where font awesome should be (worked in version 7)

This was fixed in one of the later versions. It’s working as it should now.

No, still not working in edit mode, still showing as a boxed question mark.

What version are you running?

8.0.3 as far as I am aware this is the last production version.

The issue had been fixed in 8.1, which is still in beta.

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any update on when this will be released?

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