Font choice feedback

I’m just looking for some feedback here and wondered whether there is any preference here for Open Sans or Muller on my site? Open Sans if the first one and Muller is second. The choice of font can change the whole impression of a site so I want to get this right. If you click on the images you can see them bigger. I would also welcome any other suggestions for a clean modern font.

Personally, I prefer the second sample, because it’s easier to read and because the difference between regular body text and the bold text is not exaggerated as it is in the first sample.

But I predict that there will be many people who will prefer the first sample.

I think that @Rovertek is right about the greater difference in weight between the ‘normal’ weight and bold in Open Sans. However, I think that the normal weight in that sample is actually the light (300) rather than the regular (400), so if that concerned you you could simply use the regular or use the semibold (600) instead of the bold (700). That would be my preference because I think Open sans is considerably more attractive, particularly the light. It has a proper enclosed bowl for the descender of the lower case g instead of a tail, it has longer descenders and a more attractive f.

The muller font is a free sample so I gather I would have to buy it if I want a wider choice. I experimented once before with the weighting on Open Sans but felt it looks slightly clumpy at 400 and I preferred it at 300.

So far I’ve had feedback from 8 people and it’s 6-2 in favour of Muller. The main reason being cited is that it’s easier to read. I’m interested here in the psychological impact and which font will inspire the most confidence. Newsletters will be sent out to big numbers of list subscribers, so even a 1% gain in sales conversion could make a major difference.