Safari 10 = broken text in some situations?

Yesterday i’ve updated to macOS Sierra which comes with Safari 10.
Since then my site have a few sections with broken text (text replaced by a boxes with question marks inside).
The same site was working fine in Yosemite with the older version of Safari before the update and still does work correctly in other browsers. Since then i investigated this a little and found other sites displaying the same problem: here’s an example:

This is how i see it in Safari 10 (macOS Sierra):

It displays fine in other browsers. I suppose this is due to a bug in the latest Safari and also Safari Technology Preview.
Anyone else is seeing this?

Nope, I’m on the public beta of Sierra and it looks fine in Safari. Have you tried restarting your Mac?

It’s an old Safari - Font bug… I’ve experienced it couple of times in other Mac OS versions.

You can install: WhatFont ( ) and see what font is messing up Safari.

I’m in the traditional graphic line of business and have several different font versions of pretty much every common font… and it’s always those font versions – sometimes free 3d party fonts – causing problems.

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  1. Open the web inspector in Safari and see what errors are being reported for the missing embedded Open Sans font face. Given that you’re using a prerelease / Beta version of Sierra, I assume you are a developer with knowledge of reading error logs and debugging problems? If so, then the web inspector in Safari will probably highlight where the problems are and you can take things from there.

  2. Given that your web-safe fall back font is not working either, you should also open Font Book and run the diagnostic tools for fixing corrupt and duplicate fonts on your system. If your default sans-serif font is faulty (like Arial or Helvetica), then you are likely to see the ‘missing font’ characters in some web pages.

If you think it’s a bug, send the feedback or submit it as a bug through your Apple developer account.

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I’m on the public Beta too and yes i’ve restarted my Mac several times since then. Thanks.

The font is Open Sans however it’s being loaded from Google directly (at least on my site)

All pages render correctly in other browsers, so the font is not missing. I believe there’s some conflict between the Open Sans font i have installed locally and the Open Sans that being loaded/served by Google Fonts on those sites.

Seems the issue is related with the Open Sans font i have installed locally on my system. If i remove it all sites load correctly. Curiously i only have this problem with Safari. All other browsers render the text fine with Open Sans installed locally. And apparently it was working fine in Safari too before the update to macOS Sierra.

Not yet sure what’s going on, still checking things out. Thank you all for the replies.

Switching to the opentype version on Verdana from Truetype seemed to fix this for me.