Site displays incorrectly in Safari but only on main computer

Hi all…

It’s me again with another problem.

Seems that my foundation website, SilkyWebDesign.Com, is acting up again. The site looks the way it should in FF, Chrome, and Opera, but in Safari it is all messed up. And this is only on MY main Mac Pro. Sentence spacing is tripled, and in one section of the site, the font is about 3x what it should be.

I’ve done most everything I can think of to get the site looking ok on my system. Flushed cache, disabled ALL add-ons, even re-installed El Capitan (running the latest version) so that I could get a fresh copy of Safari. Still, no matter what I do, Safari is not displaying on MY system the way it should. It is displaying ok on other systems on the same network in my studio.

It does, however, look fine on another computer in my studio and when I logged out on my main system, the one with the problem, and logged back in as ‘guest’, Safari was fine.

Obviously, something on this computer is causing the problem with Safari.

Any suggestions, ideas, and hopefully solutions?

Thanks, Barry

Just by chance, on that machine, did you go into Safari -> Preferences -> Advanced

Did you set a specific stylesheet to be used or a minimum font size?


Looks ok on mine 9.0.3 (9537.86.4.4).

I had a simmilar problem a while back and it was caused by a Safari plug in (i think it was buffer but not 100% sure now)

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no specific stylesheet but a min font of 9.


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I’ve either un-installed or disabled ALL plug-ins for Safari.

Thanks for trying…


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Hi Barry

That’s normal, so no issue there…

I hope you did not disable javascript… might be an issue…

Dumb questions…
Did you restart Safari and test?
Did you restart the Mac and test?

The issue you describe is usually related to accessibility settings either on the Mac itself or in the affected browser, since the browser is A-OK, might check your accessibility settings in Control Panel…

If none of that helps, then I am afraid I am not sure what’s going on with this one, sorry.



Java script was enabled. Disabled, rebooted, and the site looked even worse. Had to enable javascript just to get the site looking back to ‘abnormal’ again. Yes, restarted Safari/tested and restarted/tested computer. No change. Checked accessibility settings and all look normal. I don’t fool with them.

Thanks for trying to help…really appreciate it.


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OK, this means there is something wrong with your user account profile of the affected Mac. Create a new user account profile, set it as admin, log out of current bad user account, log into new account… Make sure you copy all your documents, etc from bad user account to new user account, test thoroughly, delete bad user account.

Do you use any cache cleaning software or optimization software? This may be the cause of the bad user account…

Just thoughts…


Shooting in the dark here, but have you used Safari’s Developer menu with a particular user Agent selected?


Nope. Developer menu used to disable all extensions etc and that’s all.

Thanks for trying.



Created a new admin user account, however, there were no Docs in its documents directory. So I didn’t proceed. I did delete all log-in items to see if that would help, but it didn’t. Looks like I will just have to do my design work in my main user account and then log-out and back in with my new account and check my sites in Safari, because sites look fine in Safari in my new account. Wish I had been able to move RW and all themes, addons and other design programs to the new account.

Yes, I do have some optimization software, as well as tons of utilities.

C’est la vie…

Thanks again for your help