Font Pro - Observations

Just had a problem with Font Pro which is now resolved.
The major error/s on my part were with the download from Typekit and not knowing about formatting problems that could affect the workings of Font Pro.
Make no mistake - Font Pro is a great stack but, as specified in some off the tutorial videos, it does have an awful lot of settings. If you are a hardened website builder you’ll have an idea where to look for things. If you are a newbie ( as I am to all things RW ) then allow plenty of time to get used to the stack.
Top marks to the support for resolving my problems and good luck if you take Font Pro on.


The PRO in some stacks are no marketing joke today. But it is a good sign for RapidWeaver that the quality of stacks rises more and more.


Agreed! It is an incredibly powerful Stack. I had a very difficult time with it as well. It certainly is NOT for the novice. With that being said, the support was fantastic and we had my issue resolved within 24 hours. It was a frustrating experience but, hopefully it will become more user friendly as it increases in maturity and version.


@ticknerdesign …and it does get easier with practise. I’ve had it for about six weeks now and I must have been three weeks getting my first page working correctly. Have continued to play with it and had few problems setting up new fonts. Once you have a page working it’s just a case of creating a partial and running that partial on each new page. To date I’ve only used it with Typekit but they have plenty of decent fonts for my purpose. With another font supplier there may be further problems for me but I’ll face that if and when the time comes. Just allow time to learn Font Pro. You won’t be disappointed.

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