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I have a question about FontPro Styles. I’m using Paragraph Pro from BWD and it allows me to set Font Style 1 in it’s style settings. In my FontPro style I’ve set the sizing to 1.3, 1.4,1.4, and 1.4 for small, med, large and extra large. In preview mode the font shows as expected, but once I publish the font doesn’t show as expected. I’ve cleared my browser cache several times to no avail. Can someone shed some light on this?

I helped you out on Weaver’s Space (Be Kind. Don’t Double Post) :slight_smile:

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I understand your point Joe. I also respect you deep tallent. That being said… when you are stuck on something you want an answer. What could have made your post helpful is if you re-posted the answer instead of preaching at a customer.

Generic statement… Not directed at Joe specifically
Sometimes it feels like developers forget that they are talking to customers. The customer is always right (obviously there are limits)… Devs should always think about the fact they are speaking to customers or perspective customers. Many people can read your responses… you may potentially make several people angry…

Joe, you are one of the greats. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

The customer is always right 

Nope. The 50’s called and they want their mascot back. By taking that approach you are depriving the vendor of the possibility of educating or improving you. Stuck on something or not, the meagre cost of a stack or theme or plugin does not entitle you to an instant answer.

Joe was bang on there and I suspect that customers who understand how things work will realise that instead of answering you twice he probably used that time to solve three other issues/tickets. What if other forum users had spent time trying to help you here and you’d already got the answer elsewhere - Joe is protecting their time, as well as his own.

Again, people, please treat your RW vendors with respect and value their time properly.

Just a $00.02 opinion from a nobody… here come the hates…


Let’s stop all the hate posts. The ONLY reason that I posted twice…once here and once in weaver’s space was because I had not gotten an answer in weaver’s space and was on a deadline. Nobody said anything about being right or wrong.

And as far as the customer being right, I’ve spent a great deal of money on Joe Workman’s stacks and others and I think that posting here and anywhere else I can to get help is fine. That being said, Joe has given me a lot of help and some great tips over the last several months and I applaud his efforts to support his products unlike some of the other vendors that I’ve purchased from and to those I can only say that they could take a page out of the Joe Workman book of supporting their products.

Peace and Merry Christmas to all. :slight_smile:

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So you gently putting Joe in his place is OK, but someone gently putting you in your place is “hate post”?

How do people like you get thru life without repeatedly getting bunched in the face?

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I see little harm with double posting if the post is on two independent forums.
(I’m not even sure you could define that as double posting).
It effectively doubles your chance of getting a quick answer if time is a limiting factor.

With a 3rd major forum recently up and running it’s now becoming quite a choice to decide where to post.

And sorry @klaatu but in my business the customer is most definitely always right (even when they haven’t got a clue). It’s a fundamental of a good business/client relationship. Plus with the price stacks are fetching these days some time spent on good support should be expected.

My feeling is this… if you post a question somewhere at least give me the opportunity to help you there before you start posting in multiple places. I answered Paul within one minute of him posting on Weaver’s Space. Granted, I am not always that fast though.

I think that that it’s courteous to give someone the chance to answer. If you don’t hear back within half a day and its urgent, then post somewhere else.

I sometimes will have a user post on both forums, email me and also email Big White Duck about the same issue. I fully understand that the person needs help but this is excessive. Many times I will answer someone via email. Then come to find that 3 other people were helping him on the forums and Andrew Tavernor was also emailing him with a fix/workaround.

I try my hardest to provide the best support possible (and I think that I do that pretty well). I am a one man company with a lot on my plate. I help 100 people per day (at least). The more that you can help-me-help-you (note just me but other devs too), then everyone wins.

I also try to communicate with the upmost respect to everyone. My initial reply here was not intended to insult or anger. I tried to make it playful and even added a smiley. Tone can sometimes me misread on the internet. I am always a glass-half-full sort of guy. :slight_smile:


Respect. But …how can someone not have a clue and also be right? Aren’t you ever tempted to challenge that thinking? I recommend a four week course of Jordan Peterson :wink:

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In addition to what Joe said, there’s other folks that help out on forums that don’t have any relationship with the vendor(s) in question that spend their time researching and helping people out. If you get two different people trying to help ya on two different forums you’re wasting someone’s volunteering time.

If you’re in a rush at least mention the other support that you’ve requested.

Just simply state politely something like:

  • “hey I cut a support ticket but while I’m waiting thought I check to see someone else can help”.
  • I posted this on “weaverspace” but thought I’d ask here, I’m on a tight deadline “

Since other folks search forums for answers, it’s always good forum etiquette to post the solution you got everywhere you posted the question.


That’s a good point @teefers. I should have thought of that. Next time I’l do that.


The answer I ultimately received from @joeworkman was that I had an HTML file and a PHP file in the same directory that was causing the problem. I thanked him for his help!


I am a one man company with a lot on my plate.

Oh! What happened to Zeebe?

And when you indicate that you have posted elsewhere, please include the link so we can follow the progress there, too.

The answer was given.

No customer (absolutely in general) are NOT ALWAYS RIGHT !!! ) in any kind of business.

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Boy the comments on this one! i feel like a lot of guys in these forums think they are god’s or something, yet there is a customer, and you have to remember who pay’s you, if you cut on a customer in my business, you will earn a lot less than if you don’t, there are a lot of better ways to answer… this just disgust’s me in a way…

Probably be marked for saying this, but i don’t care…you either make it or break it…it goes both ways

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“Double-posting” means putting the SAME question on the SAME forum more than once. It does not apply across multiple forums / support sites. Anyone is entitled to cast the net wide to get an answer.

Joe, you might be a “one-man-band”, but that’s your choice. PaulAchuff is being very reasonable here.

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I would just love to see any solution posted in all places the question was asked - or set a link to the place the solution is located.


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