Font Pro - One font OK and one not working

I’ve recently started to use Font Pro and find it an excellent tool for the job.
I have, however, found a problem.
I’ve downloaded two fonts from TypeKit via a “Kit”, one for headers and one for text (paragraphs).
The header font is working perfectly with no problems.
The one for paragraphs is functioning as far as changing all the spacing settings, letter, word, line etc. but the font itself will not appear on screen. (Edit, Preview or published).
Have checked and double checked all settings including those on TypeKit but cannot find a problem.
Any suggestions please?

Hey Gordoni, do you have a link to your issue?? Have you assigned Font Family to anything?? Would be better to help you if you sent in a ticket to support(at)joeworkman(dot)net

Will send a ticket Zeebe and a URL to site.
Many thanks

Hi Zeebe
I took your advice and submitted ticket #25658 on June 20th. No response as yet on June 27th. Any chance of prompting things forward please?
I keep trying myself but cannot make any headway at all.

Many thanks

Hi Zeebe
RW Zip file sent via CloudApp.
Hope that helps.

Cheers Gordon

Do you have a response to this yet Zeebe please?
Ten days is a long time.


I just got your project file on Monday, I am still working on it. Please send further questions to the support ticket and not here.