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How do I reduce the size of the font for the “Secure Your Gear” text? I want to do it in the code, but I can’t figure that out.
<center><p class="fa-max-100 font-6 fa-fade-100 fa-inline-block">Secure Your Gear</p></center>

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One way would be to enclose it in span tags, like this:

<p class="fa-max-100 font-6 fa-fade-100 fa-inline-block"><span style="font-size:24px; text-align:center;">Secure Your Gear</span></p>

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I’ve changed the fa-max figures to reduce the font size, but the results are odd. Seems that when I get below fa-max-30, then the font shrinks to very small. I don’t get it?

<center><p class="fa-max-30 font-6 fa-fade-100 fa-inline-block">for Canoes and Kayaks,</p></center>

@Marten_Claridge, I will try your suggestion later. Thanks.

Don’t bother. I didn’t realise the code was theme-generated.

Why don’t you ask @MultiThemes Michelangelo, I’m sure he’d be happy to help.



The plus code allow the variabile size of icons and text.
The text scaling based on width of container.

Here all sizes:
fa-max-30, fa-max-50, fa-max-75, fa-max-100, fa-max-125, fa-max-150, fa-max-200, fa-max-250, fa-max-300 (pixel)

Try with: fa-max-50 or 75
<center><p class="fa-max-50 font-6 fa-fade-100 fa-inline-block">Secure Your Gear</p></center>

hope this helps

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