Code Help Please

Can someone please explain this code:

Going Out of Business Sale

What does the fa-max-100 do? I assumed it was the font size, but if I change it to fa-max-80, the font shrinks to tiny.

What is font-5? I assume it’s one of the theme’s built in fonts, but I am not sure.

What does fa-inline-table do?

Thanks for your help.

fa is “font awesome”
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We can’t see the code you are posting. On forums like this one if you want to display code (HTML, javascript, CSS) you need to select it and mark it as preformatted text </>

<p class="fa-max-100 fa-slide-left font-30 fa-inline-table">Going Out of Business Sale</p>

It kinda looks like font-awesome, although it doesn’t seem to have the proper syntax. font-awesome usually starts with a class of fa, fab, or fas depending on the version of font-awesome being used.

Perhaps a URL would help.

I’ve been messing with it and changing some of the numbers and it still doesn’t make sense to me. It’s code that came with Multithemes Lode theme demo file.

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Some of the answers are here: Icons Set

It appears that only some values are supported:

fa-max-300 - fa-max-250 - fa-max-200 - fa-max-150 - fa-max-100 - fa-max-75 - fa-max-50 - fa-max-30

font-family: 'dosisregular', sans-serif !important;

I couldn’t find a document, that explains what is what.

Thanks for the help. I think most of the code is related the + sign used in the demo file. I’m going a different rout now, and things are working fine.

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