Fonts changed after https upgrade

(LJ) #1

I have a small florist website using Henk Vrieselaar’s HV-Infinite-R theme.

Not to my taste, but the client rather like the Handlee font which is a theme option (and I believe a Google font) and this is in use throughout all the general content.

I recently upgraded everything to https and the content font changed quite dramatically on the live site (not in preview) to a full-on Script font of some sort which looked pretty dreadful!

I thought I’d be able to find the Handlee font in CSS > Fonts and change http to https there, but neither Handlee nor a number of other available fonts are anywhere to be found.

Not being much of a coder - anyone advise what’a happening here and where else I might look?

(Will Woodgate) #2

Assuming that it is Infinite-R 1.3.0 from May 2016, open the theme index.html file in your preferred code editor. Search and replace all instances of http:// with https:// in that file. Save the changes and close it.

(LJ) #3

Excellent Will - that did the trick, thank you. I changed the font to Optima which looks much better but at least the client has the choice now and I suspect she’ll want her Handlee back!

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