Changing font to HTTPS

The people at Michael David Designs have been very helpful but I thought I’d bug you people for a change on this :wink:

I’ve published the site (, with the Codex theme) a while back but
I’m not getting the font published that’s in the RW8 screen when I build the site so MDD eventually suggested:

You can go into your website using FTP and
manually change the files to HTTPS

Even attaching this image…


I’m using Transmit for my FTP but can’t seem to find the files’ (or any files’) http.
Where do I find the web address/http for these files?

Use the same login credentials in Transmit as you use in RW then you need to edit the file ‘index.html’

Have you email MDD? If you are not getting a response, you could edit the files in the theme itself. This way you don’t have to edit the exported site every time that you publish.

How would I edit the theme files?

I strongly suggest that you contact MDD before doing that. Editing the theme is a last resort.

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If you are going to edit. Make sure you right-click the theme select Duplicate Theme and Edit the Duplicate.


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