Firefox shows not the same fonts I used in RW 7

Hello folks

I use RW7 with Stacks 3.xx. When I use a Font in text stack, for example Gill Scans, my Firefox browser will not show the same font. In Safarie it all work well.

What can I do ? Is there a problem with firefox or wtf is going on ?

I try it with different themes.


Steve from Hamburg / Germany

Hi Steve,
That’s most probably a problem with wrong font declarations. Do you have a link?

Cheers, Jannis
inStacks Software

Sorry no link, because the side is not already online.
So I can use only fonts like Arial or Verdana or what else ?

It possible to use any fonts. There are many font stacks out there that can help you. Joe Workman makes one called Font Pro. You can get a list of more using this search

As for your problem, what font are you trying to use? How are you using? Since no site is available, do you have screenshots of what and how you are using??

OK I tried to use a font calles Gill Scans that was on my Mac.

I create a site with stacks and the basic text stack. Then i write my text and change the font in that Gill scans.

It look well done, but when I look at the preview with “command+P” there is another font.

Soll zustand

Ist zustand

The first picture is what i want - the second what I get.

How does the fonts stacks work ?

Ok I saw the video, but i think I don’t get it :roll_eyes:

I hope I understand it a little bit.

50 $ is not much, but to much to burn it when i dont know what exactly the Font Pro stack do.

Who can me show or tell what the stack do and how can I use it.

Sorry my english is not soo god that I understand everything.


Hi Stephan,

Please get back to me here (in German), I will explain it to you:

CustomFont Stack will do everything you need therefore. This stack is already available in a new and updated version (3.0) with full Foundry and Foundation support, just the documentation has to be refreshed, which will be done the next couple of days.

Grüße Jannis

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If you have any specific questions about Font Pro, you can either PM me here or you can send in a ticket to support(@)joeworkman(dot)net

Also, the link I gave you is to a playlist of videos on FontPro and how it works. FYI :wink: