FontStack has stopped working?

I cannot figure out why FontStack has stopped working. I changed nothing. I had it working to use Google Fonts Handlee on my #siteTitle, but that no longer works. Anyone else have this problem?

I’m not familiar with the font stack you’re talking about, however…

The url to fetch the font is

If you remove the &effect= you will get back the font-face css for this font.

Hope this helps.

The stack is made by Stacks4Stacks, WIll Woodgate. All that’s needed is to type in the Google Font name and check a few settings. It works very well when it does work.

I checked out with FontStack, and I’m seeing the same request with the &effect= appended. So yeah, it probably is the stack or however it’s interacting with 4.0.x. Tagging @willwood so that he sees this.

Will is on vacations till September 7th.

Yes, same problem here!
Apparently caused by “Font Effect: None (default)”…

I’ve changed the font effect to Anaglyth. Seems to be working like that even though I don’t see any “effect.”

What is the Selector Name for the navbar in my site so I can add that to the “Apply to” setting?

Looks like it’s #RaftNav.

Same issue here… For those of you who are having the issues… did you recently update to latest version of Stacks 4 (beta versions?)

Running Stacks 4.0.2

no, not yet, still running Stacks 3.

I’m using RW 8.3. How about you?

I tested it and am also getting the error. I guess will have to wait for Will Woodgate’s return.

I re-did my header (which was using FontSack) by doing this and it’s working fine. No frills. Just a google font call with css.

Click the green “Try it” button for your font and it will provide the code. I put my text in a text stack with a CSS class.

Having the same problem with FontStack. I don’t want to change my current usage of FontStack. I guess I will wait for Will’s return.

This is my temporary solution.

RE: “Anaglyth” - I tried that. Didn’t show any change in Preview but on published website it looked awful. In fact, none of the effects showed in my RW Preview but they would show live.

Same problem here. Updated to RW 8.3 but still using Stacks 3. Hopefully on Monday we should see an update from Stacks4Stacks…

Google changed the query string for retrieving fonts. The order of attributes changed, some got deleted and new ones got added. That is why this stopped working.

This is already fixed in the next version of font stack. I manually went into my website via ftp today to edit the Java script code, so you can see the stack can still work after this update is made live.

I had already begun working on this stack update before I went away but did not have time enough to finish and properly test it in detail.

Everyone who has kindly sent a pay pal donation has already been given unique link to a beta build of this new font stack version.

A few people texted me while I was away to say this new version was working great for them. And I spoke to one of you on the phone Wednesday evening to confirm all was good with the new version in foundation.

Obviously I am anticipating a support backlog when I return. Contributors and users of paid addons need to come first. It may be several days more before I can schedule time to wrap up this update and publish it.

For now your option is to either pay pal me a donation and email / SMS me to be eligible for access to a beta copy, use the alternative Fontamental stack or wait for a free update perhaps towards middle or end of the week.

That’s the best I can do currently.


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Thanks for the update Will. FontStack is working great again.