RW8, Google fonts not visible on iphone

(Rapidweaver Fan) #1

Maybe this has been discussed before but when I use Google fonts with S4S’s Fontstack, I don’t see any text on my Iphone. Is there any simple solution to solve this problem ?

Thanks, Jeroen

(Doug Bennett) #2

Not seeing any problems with fonts on s4s page.

A URL would be helpful for you to get help.

(Will Woodgate) #3

Even if Google Fonts could not be loaded, the stack would simply fall-back to using a system serif, sans-serif, monospace or cursive font face. You should never EVER be in a position of content vanishing from display completely. There are several safeguards to stop precisely that.

You are implying the content has vanished entirely. That won’t be a FontStack issue. It sounds more like you have set this portion of the page to be hidden on mobile, in the Stacks responsive settings.

Please attempt some basic troubleshooting yourself; like clearing the browser cache or deconstructing the page.

As @teefers says, a link would certainly help if you want a solution. We cannot see what is on your screen.