RW8, Google fonts not visible on iphone

Maybe this has been discussed before but when I use Google fonts with S4S’s Fontstack, I don’t see any text on my Iphone. Is there any simple solution to solve this problem ?

Thanks, Jeroen

Not seeing any problems with fonts on s4s page.

A URL would be helpful for you to get help.

Even if Google Fonts could not be loaded, the stack would simply fall-back to using a system serif, sans-serif, monospace or cursive font face. You should never EVER be in a position of content vanishing from display completely. There are several safeguards to stop precisely that.

You are implying the content has vanished entirely. That won’t be a FontStack issue. It sounds more like you have set this portion of the page to be hidden on mobile, in the Stacks responsive settings.

Please attempt some basic troubleshooting yourself; like clearing the browser cache or deconstructing the page.

As @teefers says, a link would certainly help if you want a solution. We cannot see what is on your screen.


Sorry for late reply because I was too frustrated with RW8.
Another clean installation, cleared all the cache, removed container entries, etc. but still most of the stacks are not visible in the library. The program starts jumping between the pages until the program crashes. I do so regret this upgrade.

Sorry you’re having problems. Not sure if I understand what you’re saying, the original post is about Google fonts and not displaying on an iPhone?

Now it appears that you are having problems with RapidWeaver itself?

You said “another clean installation” I’m guessing you are talking about reinstalling RapidWeaver?
“The program starts jumping between pages”, is that on a particular project? Is it when you open, on preview or when? Have you with a new empty project? What plugins are you using? What “cache” did you clear? What “containers entires” are you talking about?

If you have not even got the FontStack installed in RapidWeaver 8, then you cannot expect it to do anything; in iPhone or any other web browser. I cannot see that FontStack is to blame here and I don’t understand why it is being discussed. It sounds like your problems are far bigger and impacting multiple other stacks.

Have you contacted Realmac Software to request support?

That is who you purchased your RapidWeaver 8 upgrade from. They are the developers of RapidWeaver 8 and might be able to help you curb your frustration and provide constructive input towards helping you get things working again.

I can only provide support for the FontStack itself, and because the stack is already provided for free, that support is offered on a discretionary basis.

Hi Will, I did install the Fontstack in RW8. It even got the green icon after installation. After relaunching RW, there’s no fontstack in the library. There are lots of unknown stacks under the stacks library under the preferences though.

I had contacted Realmac on several ocassions, but they did not reply so far.

How did you install?

By dragging the stack into the RW8 app

I would guess then it’s a RapidWeaver or stacks issue. More than likely RapidWeaver itself is the culprit.
Is it just that one stack you’re having an issue with?
Where is the addon’s folder pointing to in RapidWeaver?
You mentioned RapidWeaver “jumping between pages” and then crashing, is this happening every time or on a single page or project?

Unfortunately several stacks, I would say approx 50% of the stacks I used with RW7 does not “work” anymore in my case.

The add on folder is in Dropbox

Jumping is on all projects and all themes.

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