Font stack not showing font proper

I am using the Font Stack and set it to use Abel as the font.
Up until today it worked fine. Showed the font fine in preview and showed the font fine in the browser. All of a sudden the font doesn’t display proper anymore. Neither in preview nor in the browser. Any ideas anyone?

A URL to your website would be helpful.

I just noticed the same problem. I emailed Will Woodgate and they will be out of the office till Sept 7th for vacation.

have you heard back from Will Woodgate?

Yes. Will updated the stack. I have downloaded the new stack update and it works great. Here is the message from Will:

I am pretty certain the update I started working on last month fixes the issue and also addresses problems with font names that contain extended character sets. So please send me a small PayPal contribution on the website, and I will link you to a version I am very certain will work for you.

If I remember correct, there is an ‘effect’ or ‘animation’ setting you MUST change to none in this new stack I send you.

Everyone who sends me a donation gets a download link to the new stack. That seems fair and compensates my time. If you have donated for the stack already, please let me know.

thanks! what is his website where I can send him a donation?

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