Football Tables

Hi, I am fairly new here and was wondering what is the best way to build football league tables with RapidWeaver as I manage a football website which was built with a different software but would like to start using RapidWeaver from now on, I have asked this question a while ago but not really got any answers, any help appreciated.


You can use Airtable I suppose and @dripple can tell you more :slight_smile:

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Powergrid @joeworkman works well.

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Hi joemart195,
Just took a look at Powergrid and that looks like it will suit me fine, thank you very much for your suggestion.


Hi Mike.

If you have some more questions with regards the Airtable service (free) and my AirTable publisher stacks, I am happy to help.


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Hi, don’t know if anyone can help, I have purchased Power Grid stack to build football league tables, I have a question when I built the header I set it to 7 rows enter my text into the rows but when I view them they are not spaced out across the header and I’m not sure how to get them to spread out or can I set each one with individual spaces, see attached screenshot.

Just to add I have watched the video tutorial but it is so old it looks nothing like the latest version so is a bit confusing.

Mike, I would recommend creating a new thread for this question. I am pretty sure there are some user out there to help (or ping @joeworkman directly)

Do you have a URL that we can see? It’s hard to help through just looking at screenshots.

Hi Joe, I have sorted the Header issues, but when I then add columns & rows to contain Teams, Results etc they do not spread out evenly under the relevant header tag, the other thing is if you set up as 7 plus rows you cannot edit the latter rows as it won’t scroll along to get access to the remainder columns, I have seen someone has raised the same question before but no one answered, not sure where I seen it, it just doesn’t scroll along, with reference to a URL I am fairly new to this software and obviously the site isn’t live yet so how can I send you a URL to show you the issues?.


This is my website that I built with another program but they have stopped supporting it now so I was trying to build the same site in RapidWeaver.

I think what @joeworkman was asking for is a URL for the Rapidweaver built page.

Even if it’s the sites not ready for production, it’s difficult to get help without a URL to at least a test page with the problems that you’re having.

Hi, As I have said I am fairly new to RapidWeaver so forgive me if it seems as though I am asking silly questions, but how do I get the URL from my half finished page?


You’ll need to publish it somewhere.

Many hosting companies make it pretty easy to set up subdomains. It should be free and easy to set up a test subdomain that you can publish stuff too.

It comes in handy for testing all kinds of issues as well as testing complete sites before going live.

Ok I will look into it and get back to you, thanks again.

Here is the link: Next Fixture | The Sixes Football

I’ll tag @joeworkman here.

Good looking page! At the bottom of the Power Grid stack, you will see there is a checkbox to show Sizing Tips. It will give you small CSS snippets that you can place into the CSS inspector to size your columns.

I did notice that the first row that you have is not set to be a Header row. Enable the Use Header Row in the PG stack and in the PG Row stack that you add to that area.

Hi Joe,
Thanks for your help I have now got the hang of it and have managed to produce my tables thanks to everyone’s support, I have built my fixture tables using CSS to space them, how do I now space out the league table via CSS as they have more columns and rows of different sizes to the fixtures table, as when I change them it changes all of them, how do I separate the width’s & length’s of the 2 different tables?


You should be able to add a custom Class name to one or both table stacks. Then you’d be able to add the custom class name to the css selectors.

So for the league table stack you could just add a class name of league (there should be a place in the stacks settings to add the class name).

Then for the css that’s specific to the league table you would add the league class (preceded by a period)

.league  .col1 { width:  20% }

There might be an different way, I don’t have that stack.