Best options for tables with a CMS?

Hello All,
I have a website for our soccer league. ( - the schedule page is a great illustration of my needs) I need the ability of captains and referees to upload rosters and score and standings to the page. However, I’m wondering what CMS is best to do that with. I am currently trying out Armadillo, and have looked at Total CMS/Easy CMS along with Dropkick. It looks like Dropkick is the most “out of the box” friendly to tables. Does anyone else have some pointers, tricks, or opinions that could help me?
thanks Scott

This isn’t my area of expertise but could you use a mix of Gridiron and Google Spreadsheets?

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Hi. Let me know if Grid Iron fits your need (or you have any questions)!


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I would have thought that Chiilidog’s Gridiron would be a good bet.

You might also look at Joe workman’s PowerGrid CSV stack(s) which does something similar.


I use Pluskit for Google sheets and Formloom to create forms to write to them

Thank you all for the suggestions. After looking at Gridiron, it fit my needs perfectly. I downloaded and installed the stack, now it will be so much easier for me, captains, and refs to keep the site updated. Chilling - Gridiron is a great product