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Hi, don’t know if anyone can help, I have purchased Power Grid stack to build football league tables, I have managed to sort out my table header problem but I can’t seem to get any rows/columns to appear underneath the headers ie: actual date, Time, name of team, result etc

, see attached screenshot.

Also there seems to be a problem with the rows, if you say need 7 rows you can only get access to 6 of them as it won’t scroll along to edit the rest what are you meant to do it becomes impossible to use imagine having 20 rows you would not be able to edit them as you can’t see them, I can’t seem to be able to find any link to report the fault to the owner of the stack to see if there is a fix.

Power grid stack is Weaver spaces (aka @joeworkman) I believe.
Support page

At the bottom is an email button.

Hi, I have purchased the Power Grid Stack to build some soccer tables and league tables for my RapidWeaver website project, I have managed to get around various issues with it thanks to everyone’s support, I still have one outstanding issue which is not being able to view any columns after7 as it will not allow you to scroll along to see or edit the rest of the columns, ie: I have one table that needs 11 columns which is the league table but I can only see 7 in the page inspector so cannot add the column headers for the remainder, the stack boasts you can have unto 60 columns/rows so either I am missing something or this is a fault with the stack, I have asked Joe and various other people but only a couple have replied but unfortunately they are not familiar with this stack, I don’t know whether Joe has seen my messages about it to him or not unless I’ve sent them incorrectly, I will include a link as to where I have got to at the moment and any help would be appreciated.



I suppose it depends how big a screen you are editing on. Have you posted in the Weavers Space Community, that’s where most of us who use Joe’s stacks hang out.

It’s 27" iMac Pro

Thanks, I have just posted it up on Weavers Space Community.

I don’t see your post on the WS Community site.