FOOTER text on CONTACT FORM page does not save or display

I’ve just finished redoing a site and the FOOTER of the CONTACT FORM does not show up either in the Preview window or on the uploaded site. This is a REAL problem. One that I need to fix fast.

Does anyone have an ideas on how to correct this problem? Is it a bug or is there a switch that needs to be flipped someplace?

I’ve using RapidWeaver 7 and the (paid for) Tesla Pro theme.

Thanks in advance for ANY advice.

a URL always helps when trying to diagnose a problem.

Here it is:

Unfortunately, the problem is that the footer text is not showing up. So there really is not example to show.


I see it,
© 2017 Thomas Caldwell Insurance. All Rights Reserved. California Licence #0L07784

it’s light, you may want to use a darker color

Sorry. No you don’t see it. That’s the default footer. I’m referring to the footer specific to the contact form.

The FOOTER is an option in the INSPECTOR section when you create a CONTACT FORM. Under CUSTOMIZABLE TEXT. It’s the last option that looks like a mechanical nut.

Oh, I see.

The code is definitely not there on the published site.
Since you don’t see it in local preview,
Here’s what I would do to troubleshoot:

  1. save project and restart RW- see if it shows

  2. Change the theme to test (just for that page) and see if it shows. If it does then I would contact the theme developer. I don’t have the paid version of that theme but it does show in the included version for me.

Thanks. Just got off he phone with a friend. Apparently it IS A BUG in the save option. If one uses Command-S to save the FOOTER in the CONTACT FORM is not saved. But if one uses the SAVE AS in the pulldown menu under FILE it will save. Also, any changes to the text in the FOOTER section of the CONTACT form page will not be picked up by the program. So in order to get RapidWeaver7 to recognize the change in the footer text and highlight the PUBLISH button you have do something else THEN save it.

Not a fun waste of time, but glad I got if sorted out. I hope the folks RapidWeaver fix this.