For RW addon developers of stacks/plugins/themes

(LabCoat Guy) #1

I have an idea that might result in greater revenue for all addon developers.

I always enjoy looking at new releases of addons whether stacks or other plugins, themes, etc. Often a new title release comes with a short-term discount code for 20% off or 30% off, something like that. The point is there’s a discount code.

Is it possible the discount code could be used for all products in a developer’s portfolio and not just the new release?

I try to look at everything, every new release, but I don’t always need what’s new then but I often will later, maybe 3 months or 6 months or 24 months later.

If I’ve been thinking about grabbing a certain stack, and if the developer presents a new release, why not extend the same discount to older titles? The development costs are already completed so why not offer that older title at the same discount too?

I’m certain developers would sell more product with this strategy.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

This doesn’t specifically answer your question, but be sure to watch the forums around the United States Thanksgiving Holiday, there are usually a TON of sales going on then, usually starting the Monday before and ending with Cyber Monday. Some do go longer than that.

(Michael Frankland) #3

Try the coupon codes for other items… sometimes they are left open for all :wink:

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