Form Base not sending email from contact form

I am using “Form Base” in a contact form and attempting to use it to send the contact information to me via email. So far I have not had any success sending the email.

I am using smtp and have configured it to try a number of of email providers (3), including using the same email as listed in the settings section. Nothing is ever sent from the hosted site.

Local (using MAMP) seems to work fine…

Does anyone have any encouraging thoughts?


Go Daddy appears to be the problem!!!

Update, Go Daddy claims it is Form Base that is causing the problem, but I don’t believe that to be the case…

If there are any thoughts from the community I would appreciate hearing them…

I doubt if it is a problem with the Foundation form stacks. I’ve found them to be the most trouble free way of creating contact forms ever. It may be that GoDaddy restricts some PHP functions.

I was not particularly happy with go daddy anyway so I bailed on them last night and moved my site to InMotion Hosting.

I got form base to sort of work with a gmail account, it is still turning the send from address into the smtp server address instead of the email address. Of course Google is none to happy about my account being logged into from a 3rd party.

It does not work from my InMotion email account at all, InMotion never sees it hit the mail server.

So I have to try another solution, I cannot have contacts going out into a bit bucket…

Does anyone have an alternate form stack that will work with foundation?

Did you ever have any success with getting Foundation Form Base to work sending an email. I’ve followed Joe’s tutorial #3 on the issue and I think I’m doing everything correctly but I keep getting the “Oops something went wrong box.”

I’m using a valid email account with the same domain name as my site.

Perhaps it’s an issue with my hosting service. In which case, is there a workflow for using a gmail account?

Thanks so much.

Make sure your host is using right ver. Of php

Hi Peter. I’m having the same issue, sending an email from the Foundation “Form Base” stacks but I have not published the page yet. Does the contact form (page) need to be published before you can test it ?

Yes, it needs to be published for the form to work, this is because the form needs PHP.

Hey zeebe, Much thanks ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi. I’m having a horrible time (pulling my hair out) trying to center photos in Foundation/Orbit Slider. I have made each photo exactly the same (pixels, inches, canvas size, image size and resolution) in every way. Sometimes they line up and some times they don’t. I can get it to center using some padding but then it’s off for the mobile. Should I add another Orbit Slider for the mobile and hide the stack from the tablet and desktop ?

Have a URL?? If not, send in a ticket to support (at)

Thanks Robert ! I’m new at this. I used to use Adobe Contribute. Adobe doesn’t support Contribute anymore. It was a bit lame. RW is so much better. A bit more of a learning curve but I should get up to speed soon enough. Cheers !

Matt :slightly_smiling_face: