FormBase email Problem

I am using Foundation Theme FormBase and I have all add on pack. ı am using formbase for email from website. Although “succesfully sent” message raises the mail do not sent.

I am using same settings my other website there is no problem.

What should I check?

Are they definitely ‘not sending’ or are they sending but not arriving? Have you checked the target’s spam folder?

I am sure, there is no in the spam folder.

Can you screenshot the Form stacks you have on the page and the settings panel? It’s difficult to say what the issue is without seeing the settings you have.

You can find screenshoot.

Try using the same email address in the “To” that you have in the “From”.

I tried but not works.

Replay from my ISP (Littleoak) as follows;

Dear Customer,

If email sent from your website is not received it may be being rejected by our mail system.

Make sure your script is sending email address with the configured sender being an email address you have configured on your hosting account. The script may be using SMTP, the PHP mail() function, or sendmail (/usr/sbin/sendmail) for example. (Additionally, if your script is talking SMTP natively instead of using one of the other methods you will be required to authenticated using SMTP AUTH, please consult the documentation on the script for information on how to do this.)

If you cannot configure the sender specifically in your script then the system will use the default address of info@yourdomain.tld where yourdomain.tld is the domain name of the web site which is sending the email. If that is the case then you will need to create this email address on the account.

If you are using PHP and it’s mail() function, see the manual and reference the additional_parameters section.

PHP Example:
mail(“”,“Test Subject”,“Test Message”,“From:”,"-f");

I use Formbase every day without issues.

Make sure the email address To/From is using the same domain as your website. Republish all files and try it.

If it doesn’t work, try to eliminate all unnecessary parts of the form and keep testing. Also, you could have a look at the set up docs

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