Form Loom 3 Date Selection

Hi, I am currently using Form Loom 3 as an online order form and the requirement is customer orders three days in advance. Is there a way to set the date such that only date 3 days at least from today can be chosen? For example today is 21/oct, the date available for selection is from 24/oct onwards. Thanks!

I doubt this is built in functionality. You can select the year range but unless you can do something clever in the validation fields I can’t see any way of doing what you require in Formloom. You can add sub text telling people to select a date at least 3 days from now

I was just searching the forums for this exact question. I also have a need to have a date field where the minimum date is 3 days from today (plus I need a second date field who’s minimum date is then set to 1 day after whatever is selected in the first date field).

I was looking at this thread on StackOverflow… assuming that since the DatePicker function of FormLoom is jQuery based, that maybe this would work. I tried using it in the Javascript field of the page, changing the IDs of the fields in the code to match those of the Formloom form, but it didn’t work.

Anyone out there know of any way to override/extend the functionality of the datepicker in Formloom?