Getting Formloom to work with Sendy

I like Formloom and I really like Sendy. Unfortunately, I am struggling to get the two to play together.

Using the autosaving to MySQL I am getting subscriptions in just fine, apart from one thing, which is the last activity date. I have the Date and Time checkbox checked, but the date it puts into Sendy sql database is incorrect.

I have been on with Sendy about this and they tell me that the

If you are sending data directly to the MySQL database and everything works except the ‘date’, then please ensure you pass in a ‘UNIX timestamp’ into the timestamp field so that Sendy will parse the date correctly.

Unfortunately I am no SQL or Unix expert and I don’t have a clue how to do this.

The other alternative would be to use the Sendy API as that utilises the Post URL in Formloom, but when I give that a go I just get an error message the minute I hit the submit button :frowning:

If there’s anyone out there who has Formloom working successfully with Sendy and can give me some pointers that’d would be amazing.

Try going to Formloom Settings > Extra > Misc and setting the Date Format to @ and see what happens.

Thanks for the suggestion. Just tried with the Date Format as @, but still get the incorrect info going in to Sendy. Here’s what it looks like in Sendy.

It is a shame Formloom doesn’t have anything set up for Sendy’s API as dozens of form tools and services and other tools do have such things set up. I’m sure it is a breeze to do it if you’re a SQL expert, or used to working with API’s, but I’m more of a business person than a techie :frowning:

Hmm - the @ should put in a unix time stamp. I don’t know if that series of digits is correct but i don’t think it should be preceded with a -. But what do I know?

It sounds like you know a lot more than me LJ.

I reckon I am going to do a clean install of Sendy and try that @ thing again.

I’m a little tempted to move over to Joe Workman’s Post Office. Formloom has super attractive forms, but it gets frustrating sorting this kind of thing out as you’re totally on your own, and if your not a SQL expert or used to working with APIs, it is quite a challenge.

It would be easier if I’d gone with Wordpress as there are instructions around for this kind of thing, but I can’t find anything, anywhere, about hooking up Formloom with Sendy. There are instructions for hooking up pretty much every form tool in the world with Sendy, but for some reason nada when it comes to Formloom, which is a surprise as I’m sure there are lots of Sendy users who could make good use of Formloom.

have you raised a ticket with Yabdab?

Sorted :slight_smile:

After spending days messing around with Formloom and getting absolutely nowhere and pulling my hair out in sheer frustration I decided enough was enough.

I ditched Formloom and bought Joe Workman’s Post Office and had the whole thing working and published in 2 minutes. Okay, I’m exaggerating. It probably didn’t take that long. It was probably just over a minute.

I’ve checked both form subscribes and unsubscribes and they both work perfectly, including the date being correctly entered into Sendy, which seems to be a massive problem for Formloom, but a breeze with Joe’s stack.

If you use Sendy, MadMimi, MailChimp, AWeber or Newsletter Mailer and you want to add subscribers and handle unsubscribes, complete with GDPR stuff, then Post Office definitely seems the way to go.

I have to say, I think Post Office is a superbly written stack. I just wish I had bought it instead of Formloom as not only would I have saved myself a few dollars, but I would have saved a LOT of time and frustration. Thank you Joe!!!

And thanks to you too LJ. I really appreciate you trying to help.


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