Form Stack with Time & Date, Pi Compatible

I’m looking for a form stack that has date and time selection options, which would also work with Joe’s Pi stack.

Any recommendations?

Not sure formloom would work as it is a plug-in rather than a stack.

foundation form select has options for: day of month, months(1-12) andyear range (or dynamic) + you can add your own selections to make the time selectors.

Thanks @swilliam , I have Foundation and did consider trying to make my own time field options but I’m also thinking of trying the Source framework once it comes out, so wanted to avoid being tied to Foundation only.

Any experience with @barchard ‘a FormsPlus? I’m sure it had time added to it but there’s not a mention of it on the Chillidog software page.

From the Pi webpage (Pi Stack for RapidWeaver)

Pi works with your existing favorite form stacks to bring you powerful calculations. You can use these calculations to update page content, augment form data that gets submitted or even use it to apply CSS styles to the page. Pi is the easiest and most powerful formula stack out there.

So it should work.

Yes thank you @zeebe I do know that bit, it’s mainly why I’m asking as the Pi product page only specifically calls out 3 form stacks: Formsnap, Foundation, and FormsPlus.

Formsnap look too basic, FormsPlus may fit the bill but it doesn’t have much info on it’s product page. Foundation doesn’t have a native time picker, though with a bit of effort I could make one but I’m not sure if I want it to be tied to Foundation at the moment.

The only other forms stack I know of is 1LD’s Superforms but don’t know if it works with Pi.

Are there any other RW form stacks I’ve missed that might be suitable?

@pmjd what specific information are you interested in? I’d be happy to answer any questions. A FormsPlus demo is published here:

For Pi support, Joe added support himself. Nothing was required on the FormsPlus side. FormsPlus, however, did add support for Foundation styling. You can add Foundation Elements into FormsPlus so you can style the form to give it a more Foundation native look :slight_smile:


Hi Greg,

Thanks for replying. I’m sure i remember FormsPlus having time picker as well as date but can’t see anything in the demo site or support docs. Is there one and if so is there a demo of it anywhere?

Also is FormsPlus still multi step or can it be a single step for all info or alternatively one step to fill in and the second is a review info and send step?


Hello @pmjd,

I have developed a datepicker stack that is designed to work with other stacks based forms. I have’t tested with all the frameworks, only UIkit3 and Foundation, in fact it has many exclusive features for the UIkit3 framework! I haven’t published it yet as I’m in the process of setting up my shop for RW stacks. It is quite flexible and has a lot of options, you can display or hide the time picker, select multiple dates, change the date format, change the language and localization format etc. It works as a normal form input field. If you are interested, PM me and we can figure out something until I have my online store ready. Take a look at the forms in UIkit3, and if its powerful form stack cover your needs, you will also get the entire UIkit3 framework that @Lucas have developed… It is quite powerful and fast.

Here are some screen shots:


I looked at my copy of forms plus, it has a date picker (calendar style) Which has a time picker (sliders)option.

Edit: Screen shot added:


Hi @pmjd

Yes, there is a date and time picker for FormsPlus:

FormsPlus is a multi-step form currently. Typically, I’ve seen users use the 2nd step for things like Terms and Conditions or GDPR compliance. It does not provide a ‘review before submission mechanism’, sorry.


Hi Ricardo, thanks fo sharing that and sounds like an interesting stack, but I was more looking for an independent form stack set, rather than a single one that adds one function to another form stack set which is part of a larger framework. Was looking for something a touch more independent. Though could still be using Foundation for a while yet, so might well be in touch!

UiKit does sound very interesting and has been generating a lot of buzz lately but as this is more of a hobby than a profession for me I’m not likely to be buying it just yet, maybe one day though.

@swilliam thanks very much for showing the input form, the time controls look nicely laid out, @barchard maybe would be good to update your example form in the FormsPlus to show it?

Greg I’m not worried about a review mechanism on the form. I was more thinking if it has to be multistep, what else could a second page be used for and you have given some great examples. Is there any plans to make it optional to be a single page form as well in the future?

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Formsnap works great with Pi. :grin:

Thanks @yabdab but unless I’ve kissed something on your site Formsnap doesn’t have an option for time input, only date?

It’s for car rentals which work on a 24 hour basis, so time for collection and drop off are needed to calculate the correct price.

You may want to wait on Formsnap 3 then. It is gonna be awesome for booking forms! :wink:

Release date will be mid-August


Will Formsnap 3 only include one year of updates and support like Formloom 4?

@NeilUK Not that is has any relevance on this thread’s topic, but probably not.

I have yet to even enforce the FL4 support policy. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It was originally put in place to help stop certain users from abusing support dept.

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Is FormSnap 3 still scheduled for an August launch?

@tgr sooner than you think :wink:

Cool. Looking forward to it! :grin: