🎉 Formsnap 3 Now Available!

Formsnap 3 Now Available!

The Ultimate Form Creation Stack!

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What’s New in Formsnap 3?

:fire:Stacks 4 Ready
We have advantage of many Stacks 4 features to give you the best looking form building experience… including dark mode.

:fire:New Style
The overall appearance of Formsnap has been completely updated and loooks great! Slick and Modern forms have never been easier.

:fire:New Date Pickers
Formsnap 3 has a comepletely new Date Picker that supports a wide range of custom options.

:fire:Save to Google Sheets and MySQL
Form data can now be saved to MySQL, Google Sheets or Both. This includes file uploads too!

:fire:Multi-Step Forms
Got a long form? Well this new version of Formsnap allows you to break it up into separate steps.

:fire:New Inputs!
Several new input types have been added to Formsnap 3 including Color Picker, Range Slider, Date Range and Image Captcha ( self hosted )

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Could you point out the comparative advantages, if any, of Formsnap 3 vs FormLoom 4

Thank you


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A very clear explanation.
Thank you

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I would like to add a shopping cart to my form. Is this possible? I sell custom products and a form could be a cool way to allow people to convey exactly what they want.

@JohnJ No, but Cartloom can do what you describe :wink:

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What may confuse people who aren’t familiar with Formloom is that, although it is a plug-in rather than a stack, it has a stack which allows you to add it to Stacks pages. I haven’t upgraded to Formsnap 3 yet but both Formsnap 2 and Formloom 4 are excellent products.

Thanks… I bookmarked it for later.

Any chance you’ll add the signature field?

@yabdab I’m thinking of upgrading to Formsnap3, but I’ve hesitated for about 3 weeks now because all your Formsnap tutorial videos at https://vimeo.com/yabdab appear to be only of Formsnap1.

Do you have any newer tutorial videos for Formsnap3 in the works?

Since there aren’t any tutorials for Formsnap2, and if Formsnap3 works just like Formsnap1, is there any real difference between Formsnap1 and Formsnap3?

Or is there any true advantage in upgrading from Formsnap2 to Formsnap3?

I’m just trying to better understand justifying the upgrade.


Hi @yabdab
Just to say that on the demo page the Cancel button doesn’t seem to work on many of the date/time pickers. The Cancel and Apply buttons also seem a bit small, can they be adjusted or are they just what they are?

Have been looking again and on iOS the time selection does spin which is great, but unfortunately on iPadOS and MacOS it’s the same experience as setting a very basic watch, a single press for every hour or minute you want to change.

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