Form/Survey Stack?

Hi everyone!

Been using RW for a few months now (previously Freeway user) and loving the fact that it is really quick to use with great features.

I have been looking for a stack that might be able to achieve a multi-page interactive form like the one here:

Each of the 10 questions has exactly the same three options (Yes, No, Sometimes) and then at the end it delivers a result based on what you answered most of. So if you answer mostly no’s, you get a standard answer and the same for yes and sometimes. I appreciate there might be a database involved but does anyone know if there are stacks available to do this sort of thing (with or without database use)? I found calcstack and query display but can either do this?

Many thanks

From memory, I think @barchard’s form stack works a bit like this. I’m sure he’ll be along soon to confirm or deny :slight_smile:

Thanks Bazza, I’ll put the kettle on! :slight_smile:

Just had a look at the site and it looks promising but just need confirmation that it can deliver the 3 option statements at the end.

Hmm. FormsPlus wouldn’t be able to adjust the result based on the user’s input. Sorry. @willwood can calcstack with FormsPlus do this?

Could be a job for 1LD’s Siphon stack?

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Ooh, that looks promising (and really elegant) - thanks Rob, I’ll drop them a mail :slight_smile:

Siphon can definitely do ‘conditional logic’ but I don’t know if it’d be able to add up a series of answers and then call up a specific response based on the total. There’s plenty of online polls that you could use and embed on your site easily enough. The one that comes to mind for me is something like Apester, though it comes with branding as it is a free tool.

Thanks Jason, I’m waiting to hear back from 1LD but I’ll take a look at Apester. I did think of using something like Survey Monkey but I wasn’t sure if it had the functionality.

I have seen CalcStack used lots of times for creating simple quizzes and surveys; with the possibility of generating a ‘score’ at the end. Someone might chime in here and provide a link to an example. It is simply a case of creating form inputs and attaching numerical values to them. Then you can easily sum all the answers to get a grand total at the end. Please download and try the free demo version to see it is is something that might come close to what you want. It is an infinitely flexible stack.

CalcStack can be integrated with FormsPlus if you need to email the answers. FormsPlus also has the advantage of letting you split larger calculations into a series of ‘steps’, which can create a survey more likened to a SurveyMonkey setup. Possibly other stacks could be used to split the survey into steps, using tabs or accordions. I think RWExtras had a stack like that at one point I was going to update, but I can’t remember its name now.

Thanks Will, I’ll take a look

Client has changed his mind and doesn’t want that facility now! Thanks everyone for your help