Running a Poll with Rapidweaver

I manage our woodturning club website. We need to run a simple poll. I prefer to pay some money so we can use the stack later for other polls, instead of paying survey monkey… Is there a stack for polls? Thanks in advance.

I found this on another thread, which might be of use to you.

I like Yabdab’s Formsnap a lot. Great for surveys, applications, contact forms, etc. It can send receipt emails and store the data in MySQL.

I then use Kuler solutions’ SQL stacks22 to output all the data into a beautiful table that can also be exported as Excel file with PHP.

Thank you @NeilUK !!

FormsPlus from Chilidog can also be used for creating customized polls.

Depending on how in-depth you need to get into the data, you could also try something like