Form solution for a personality test?

Hi! My friend wants me to build a personality test for her, and I’m not sure if there is a tool (or combination of tools) that can build what she wants. This is what she’s looking for:

  • a form tool that can be used by large numbers of people
  • the form would have 28 questions
  • each question has the same response choices: definitely false, somewhat false, somewhat true, definitely true
  • out of the 28 questions, some of the questions relate to one character trait, others relate to another character trait, etc. In total, there are 6 character traits that are assessed
  • after completing the form, she would either like to have the results of the assessment appear on the page and/or she would like to have the assessment emailed to the user
  • she would like the assessment to appear as a radar chart, showing the user which character traits they are stronger in and which one they need help with

She tried building this with Typeform, but Typeform only gives the results in percentages. I know I could create a form with Formloom that writes to a Google Sheet, but I don’t know if I can get the Google Sheet to output the results to a radar chart.

I’ve done some searching to see if I can find a tool that can do this, but I haven’t found anything yet. I also thought about integrating Zapier, but haven’t come across any zaps that can do this.

Does anyone have any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Don’t know exactly if it fits, but have you looked at Quizzer?


Wow, no, I overlooked Quizzer! @habitualshaker …is Quizzer able to do all the things that my friend needs? :slight_smile:

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It’s also worth taking a look at Siphon from 1LD.


Siphon looks great, too! @1LittleDesigner Would Siphon be able to do all of the things my friend wants?

If you are looking for a graphical display of results neither of these stacks will do this alone.

Siphon works mainly on branched logic, so might not work entirely as you have originally planned and have to plan accordingly.

I don’t know if Quizzer in conjunction with Charter could work close to what you want, @habitualshaker may be able to advise.

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Quizzer doesn’t store user responses in any way. v2 is in the (very) early stages of development and it will include this and a few of the other most commonly requested features.

I would imagine that a regular form-based solution would be best for this in any case - and probably one that lets you assign a different value to each choice the user makes so that these can then be used to ‘calculate’ the personality type.

Charter can certainly read from a CSV and does have a radar chart option. It also has the ability to set a ‘dynamic link’ to a csv so using php you can adjust the data source - you’d need this kind of approach to display data for a particular person (see demo).

In summary, there is no easy way in RW to do all that you want.

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Siphon won’t be able to handle the calculations unfortunately.

Ok, thanks for getting back to me…that’s too bad

other RW based solutions are not likely to be straight forward and require a bit of coding.

This may be a better option, find an php script you can embed like those found here
Personality Quiz PHP Scripts from CodeCanyon


I do not know about the radar chart, but I think the calculations can be done with Pi from Joe Workman. Haven’t tried Pi yet but I am looking for a project that gives me an excuse to buy it :wink: I have seen amazing things done with pi and a contactform. Working in Forms with Pi - YouTube

Thanks for the suggestion, Rico! I have Pi, but I don’t think it can display a chart of the test results like we’re hoping for…Pi only does calculations :slight_smile:

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