Format text over the Banner Photo

(John Sherry) #1

On my home page, in the General Settings of the Inspector I selected Slogan and deleted the text because it interfered with the look I was after. I didn’t want a big text line right across the middle of my picture. I want to put text off to the right side of the Banner but I haven’t found out how, just yet.

(Doug Bennett) #2

A URL or at least the theme your using would help.

(John Sherry) #3

Sorry, does this help?

I am using the Voyager theme, just following a tutorial from RealMac on youtube.

Thanks for responding!

(Doug Bennett) #4

Sorry that’s a local (to your Mac) URL. I’ll try to look at the voyager theme later, I’m not at a Mac right now.

(Doug Bennett) #5

I took a quick look and didn’t appear to be an option to move the text or format it with the built-in selections. You may be able to get it done with some CSS.