How to change banner text position in endeavor theme?

Does anyone know, how to change banner text position in endeavor theme? Maybe using the css? Or is it even possible?
I would appreciate any help whatsoever!

I don’t have that theme, but if you would like help with custom CSS a link to the site and were you want the text move would help.

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Hi Doug,
thanks a lot for offering your help! (Obviously I just know some basic
stuff about CSS and I couldn’t solve the problem by myself) I just went to
bed right after posting my question yesterday and unfortunately missed
your quick response.
I’ll try to send you the theme (or a least the source file and
a screenshot of my website as it isn’t online yet; here is a link to the
theme as soon as I come
home from work. Basically I would just like to adjust the position of
banner text - which originally is in the center of the banner Image - and
move it to the bottom of the banner Image.
Thanks again!

This seemed to work. Adjust the percentage as needed.

#extraContainer9 {
top: 65% !important;


@thang and @teefers thank you very much! You were both so helpful and saved me a lot of time and effort! I really appreciate your help.

@thang that was exactly what I was looking for! I works perfekt.

I was trying to find the right CSS code but nothing seemed to work… ist the rule !important that was missing the whole time :frowning:

@teefers obviously @thang saved you some time and work :wink: but many thanks anyway!

btw this is a great forum

I don’t have the theme, but it seemed to work in Firebug when visiting the theme preview page. So I’m glad and a bit relieved that it worked for you. :slight_smile: