Foundry columns won't center on page

Have a Foundry column stack set to 3 columns & using custom widths because default sizes are too large. As soon as I select custom sizing the 3 columns left justify, leaving a blank space on the right, as though there a 4 columns! Any help out there!?

What is your total units for the three columns? If it’s less than 12 it will pull them to the left leaving the remaining units blank to the right like an empty column.
If you want to center or change spacing the columns you can use offsets.

Thanks for the reply! I guess I mis-understood the column width thing. Sizing is relative to the other columns in that stack, not the page! Got it…!
I found if I use ‘Flexible’ for the fill mode and set the percentage to whatever, it does what I wanted!!!
I’m very new to Raidweaver, but it’s starting to sink in!

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It’s also quite common to drop the column stack into either a container or a margins stack, if you want to restrict the width of all the columns. These can give you more control than just using flexible sizing with a percentage width.

The container is good if you want the columns to be no wider than a certain width, but want them to shrink smaller for small screens.

The margins stack gives you control over the columns’ width at multiple break points by using different left/right margins at them.

You can then use the column sizing to adjust the columns sizing to each other.


Yes, I used the container idea and set it’s flex width setting to suit the need - worked great!
Thanks again!

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