Newbie: Reducing default padding for containers?

It seems container have a default padding, how to zero it?

This shows when there are containers inside another container.


Nothing is showing in your post.
A URL to at least a test page is the most helpful information you can provide in order to get help.

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Hi @teefers Doug,

My question was a more general one.

As you can see in this screen dump (and in preview) every child container (and also other stacks) adds some padding.

On a webpage I maybe have 1 container above and below there is container 2 with a child container. Then there will be too much padding (space) for another stack compared with a stack which only has 1 container.

Related: For what situation would one have a container with a child container (which I’ve seen on a RW video)?

/ okn

What product are you using? Is this with Foundry? In Editing mode it definitely looks like things will not line up, but if you preview/publish they will all be lined up just fine.

Without showing a link to the actual web page there’s too much guess work on our part. A bit more info is needed. But … as stated before: IF you are using Foundry then it looks as is in your screenshot, but lines up perfectly when published.


Hi, you can use the setting edge-to-edge and/or “remove left and right padding” for it to work.

But I would not stack one container into another. Better use the Margins stack for this…


Hi Jan @Fuellemann, yes - good to know: 'edge-to-edge container, dankeschön!

Hi @Mathew: yes true, in Foundry the published page does line up the various container contents (left side) - although in RW Preview it does not, as shown in the screenshot, thanks.

/ okn

@OmarKN I’m not sure what you mean. Your screenshot is of RW in editing mode. It is certainly not the preview. Go Command-R to Preview page. Or go Command-P to preview in Safari. In both preview modes all looks fine. So you can tell it’s just dandy before publishing. Edit mode is not an accurate depiction of what publishing will look like.

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Alright , got it. (Beware of Edit mode).


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