Formloom 3 and SMTP

I’m can’t make Formloom 3 work with a 1&1 Business email address. The form appears to be submitted successfully and the receipt is delivered just fine, but the actual completed form never arrives at the other end.

I did wonder whether this is because of the slightly unusual setup - i.e. the site is hosted at Chillidog but the email is looked after by 1&1.

Before I try the SMTP option are there first, any disadvantages to using it? And second, when it asks for the user name and password, I assume it wants the details of the email account that I’ve put in the Recipients list?

The form is at



Hi rob

I wouldn’t recommend smtp. It is a common attack point for PHP based spammers.

Any ways, this sounds like the MX records need to be updated at chillidog. You need to tell chillidog where the email should go. In your control panel, jump to the MX entry section and set the MX record for this domain to automatic with the values given to you by 1and1. Please remove the existing entry for the URL.

I hope that helps


Greg, this sounds like a plan. Let’s go and have a look.



@barchard What should I set the priority to? At the moment it’s ‘0’. Thanks.

You should remove what is there and use whatever 1and1 specifies. They should provide you with both. If not just use 10 and 20. The priority only says which server should be tried first, second, etc.

Thanks Greg, but it’s unclear to me how I express the 10 and 20. Like:

10,20 for example?

no no…


the 10 is the first entry. the 20 goes with the 2nd entry (and so on)

Gotcha. Thanks. All updated and we await the result.

you’re welcome. i hope that helps :+1: