Formloom 4 not delivering email

Hi there - I’m having an issue where my Formloom 4 form email isn’t arriving. It looks to be working but nothing ever arrives and I’ve check spam etc. Any ideas as to why that may be happening? Cheers!

Has it always worked or is this a new problem? Also does the email address your sending to match the domain name that your website uses?

Hi Paul - Thanks, I setup a test on my server and altered the email addresses to match my domain and that seemed to work.

The email did however go into my spam at server level so I’m suspecting that the same is happening with the client. Hard for me to check of course as we don’t have access to that.

Is there a way of stopping the form emails going into spam do you know?


Most email services/clients have a way to whitelist a sender.

You could setup to use smtp and DKIM. First uses the same server and settings for sending mail as the domain, the second method is a way to confirm that the email is genuine and shouldn’t be sent to spam.

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Like the other users posted, whitelists, SPF and DKIM records all help in reducing your emails being tagged as spam. You may also want to ask your web host why the email was tagged as spam in the first place? Maybe there is something we can add on our end that would help the situation. :wink:

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