Formloom 3 instantiate mail function

Hello, my first post, so be gentle with me!

I’ve created a site for using RW8.5 and the Engineer Theme, but I’m having problems with the two forms that I have created using Formloom 3 (remote on stacks pages).
The site is published, but when you fill in the forms and hit submit the following message appears:

Oops! An error occurred.
0 message were sent. The following addresses had problems, Could not instantiate mail function.

I’ve checked all of the Formloom settings compared to other sites that I have created and everything is the same, so I don’t understand why this is happening. (No theme is selected, SSL mode ticked, form page set)

I’ve been in touch with the hosting company - - in case the problem is at their end, but they say that they cannot provide assistance for this problem! This is the only site that I have created using this hosting company, all of my others were straightforward with 1and1/Ionos.

Any thoughts?
TIA Annette

Hi, do you send the mail via smtp? What is your setting in the smtp area (screenshot)?


Hello, Thanks for that. I had never had to add anything in those boxes before on other sites. Once I figured out the correct password and ports from the client, it is now all working correctly. Thanks!

Yep, it should work also without any smtp settings. But for the client and customers I find it more “safe” and consistent to handle mails via the server you are hosted on.

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